Sunday, March 28, 2010


So where are we? Well as of COB Friday the underwriter still has not completed the underwriting and we are supposedly the first to do Monday morning, ya i have heard that before. So that means i should call the lawyer and ask for an extension for one week. I dont think we will need the whole week but we may if john is as slow as he has been.

But on a lighter note house stuff. Emily has now decided that the "new office" should become the bathroom, in turn making the old bathroom into a pantry with the washer and dryer on the first floor instead of the dudgeon. Not 100% sure yet, im going to frame the wall in and look. If we like the bathroom moving then it will move if not it wont. If it does move we will have to think of a layout, but i can do that. In the "new" bathroom emily wants a fancy soaking tub and a stand-up shower. The room to be a cream yellow with bead board or wains coting up the bottom half of the wall. And thoughts? Her parents have this old chest thing that would not be hard to convert into a vanity for us, its a classic looking white thing, kinda nice; would save us a few hundred bucks. Its right around 60" long.

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