Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So the underwriter should have sent everything off the the field office for the usda today and if so its 72 hours and counting till we get the final paperwork then we can order the closing and be don't with all the ugly paperwork.

My chickens have upped production so i have to start being more concerned about a coop here soon, it has to be build and finished 100% for those guys to move in. I have a few plans in mind but like everything there is nothing i like specifically so its a little of this print a little of that to make the one i like. I know i need to sit down and draw one up to work off of. But i know the one i really like has a shed attached to it so that i can either use it as a goat barn later in time or a garden tool shed. The only thing is it has to be temporary because i do not want to pull a permit, I would however if it was cheep to do and the building inspector isn't going to give me grief about electrical or plumbing that i may do. Also i want to put a rain re-claim kit to give water to the chickens cheaply, that or water and flowers. So i ask does anyone have any double hung windows they want to donate? Ill take about any size.

This is what a re-claim barrel system looks like. the rain from the coop goes threw down spouts into the barrel and at the bottom there is a hose that is used to disperse water around. With a 10 x 10 shed in a 1" rain storm will give you 62 gallons of water.

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