Friday, April 16, 2010


I first want to tell my readers that this is my only way im releasing the following information to the public is threw this post.

So we got our certificate to close today! So that means we are going to own the house early next week..... finally!

Lets see whats new... I yelled at John, his boss, and the lawyers wend. because everyone is dragging there feet. But it still did not help. I was told by John's supervisor that he would personally call me when i got the cert. well the only way found out i got it was me e-mailing everyone. I would not recommend those guys to a snail looking for a new shell never mind a person.

I also bought some new toys!

I picked up a Ryobi TSS100L miter saw.

and a Porter Cable 690LR router

Next i want to pick up a table saw and a sawz-all other than that i cannot think of anything else large, just lots of little things.

I have started planning out the move in my head, first my tools and stuff then the rest of the garage bay, so that i have a work spot and a stageing area for the appartment stuff. put things out there ready to move but i am not taking a trip right now type of things.

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